Tradewaste and Urban Stormwater Consenting

Tradewaste and Urban Stormwater Consenting

Clients: AFFCO Wiri (Auckland) and AFFCO Napier

Industries: Skin Processing

Services: Lead Environmental Consultant, Assessment of Environmental Effects, Monitoring and Management

AFFCO New Zealand Limited, operates various skin processing plants in addition to its meatworks.  The rpocessing facilites are located in urbanised areas with associate risk of sensitivities to neighbours and regulators.  Stormwater management is a potentially important issue for the facilities, where runoff must be carefully managed to avoid adverse effects.

Our Role:

Since 2007, ARGO has provided environmental services to AFFCO’s skin processing operations in relation to industrial stormwater management and tradewaste permitting issues.  ARGO has also been involved as AFFCO’s adviser in discussions with regulators and in regard to submissions on regional policy documents.