Nanuya Island Resort

Nanuya Island Resort

Client: Nanuya Island Resort

Industry: Marine Construction

Services: Lead Environmental Consultant, Permit Acquisition, EIA, Marine Ecological Study, Construction Management Plan

Background: Nanuya Island Resort is located on Nanuya Lailai Island within the Yasawa Islands group in Western Fiji.

Assignment: Nanuya Island Resort wanted to install a 90m long jetty and 24 offshore yacht moorings at their resort, and engaged Argo as lead environmental consultant. The Jetty was proposed to improve access by boat to the island, and prevent damage to the coral reef from boats mooring. Argo undertook a baseline study, prepared an Environmental Impact Assessment, an Ecological Resource Assessment and a Construction Environmental Management Plan.

Our Role: The baseline study of the existing physical and social environment on the island involved assessment of the marine ecological resources surrounding the island as well as a study of the physical conditions and the social environment. This involved assessing coastal processes, considering the noise and vibration effects from construction, waste management and organising community consultation meetings with key parties and local residents.

Argo also produced an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). This considered the environmental impacts such as design and engineering effects, construction impacts, operations and maintenance, ecological impacts, and the social effects.

To support the EIA, an Ecological Resource Assessment was produced. This involved undertaking dive surveys to record fish numbers and species, collecting water quality samples and describing existing habitats and benthic cover.

The Construction Management Plan covered environmental management procedures such as pollution and spill management, solid waste management and environmental management of the moorings.