Client: CCCC First Harbour Consultants Ltd – Contractor to Amex Resources Limited

Industry: Construction and Mining

Services: Construction-related management plan preparation


Amex Resources Limited has secured approval to proceed with the Ba Delta Ironsands Project in Fiji, with a significant element of the project involving works at Lautoka.   CCCC First Harbour Consultants (FHC) has been contracted to construct on-shore facilities at Lautoka including a wharf and on-shore stockpile; and deepening of the immediately adjacent sea frontage to a depth of more than 10m below the mean sea level (MSL) to allow bulk carriers to berth and load export product and transport directly to overseas ports.


FHC engaged ARGO to prepare the following Management Plans in relation to construction of the export port at Lautoka, Fiji.

  • Design Management Plan (DMP)
  • Construction Management Plan (CMP)
  • Quality Plan (QMP
  • Risk Management Plan (RMP)
  • Industrial Relations Management Plan (IRMP)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Plan (OH&S Plan)
  • Community and Stakeholder Involvement Plan (CSIP)
  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

The Design Management Plan (DMP) addressed Contractor compliance with design requirements of the Contract along with the overall design management approach.

The Construction Management Plan (CMP) addressed an overarching quality construction management approach across the Works, including strategies, methodologies and processes to achieve design performance requirements; durability requirements; technical specifications and construction standards, along with other construction matters.

The Quality Plan (QP) was developed around existing FHC quality management procedures and protocols, and specified Project quality management protocols including overview quality planning, methods to define and measure project quality, quality assurance and quality control.

The Risk Management Plan (RMP) was based around development and management of a comprehensive Hazard Register which was developed on the basis of a HAZID workshop with the client and a programme to evaluate impacts in terms of a risk assessment and management protocol adapted from “AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management”..

The Industrial Relations Management Plan (IRMP) sets out an approach for the Contractor to lead and manage its workforce to enable the achievement of the business plan and complete the works, in a way that motivates and engages people to perform, veries acceptable competencies to deliver, maximises productivity and retention, minimises business risks and maintains an industrially stable environment and workforce

The Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Plan addressed and occupational health and safety management system for the project which will ensure that everyone involved in the project is not harmed.

The Community and Stakeholder Involvement Plan (CSIP) responsibilities and procedures for community and stakeholder liaison within the Contractor’s management team and the Contractor’s overall approach to dealing with the community and all other stakeholder groups.

The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) addressed compliance with environmental requirements of the Contract; and EIA Conditions.