AFFCO Wairoa

AFFCO Wairoa

Client: AFFCO NZ Limited

Industries: Meat Production

Services: Lead Environmental Consultant, Ecological Surveys, Assessment of Environmental Effects, Environmental Monitoring


AFFCO NZ Limited (AFFCO) operates a meat processing facility located on Hunter Brown Street in Wairoa. The site comprises a total of 22.5 ha and is located on the northern bank of the Wairoa River.  The site is located in an urban setting within the Wairoa township and is bounded by residential land uses to the west, and predominantly rural land uses to the north, with isolated dwellings, and the Taihoa Marae located to the east.  Wairoa’s commercial / retail precinct is located to the south on the opposite bank of the River, with main residential area located further to the south.  AFFCO currently deploys the following operations at Wairoa 15MW coal fired boiler, fellmongery and rendering plant and an effluent treatment plant.

Our Role:  Since 2007, AFFCO has engaged ARGO as Lead Environmental Consultant to undertake environmental management-related activities for their Wairoa plant including:

  • Consent application for discharges to Wairoa River; discharges to air and for structures in bed of river.
  • Triennial compliance monitoring of ammoniacal N in wastewater discharge.
  • Annual Monitoring Reports.
  • Various management plans including Environmental Sampling Plan,  Spill Management Plan,  Stormwater Operations and Management Plan and Stormwater Monitoring Reports
  • Pathogen analysis of Treated Wastewater Effluent.
  • Derivation of an Appropriate Total Ammonia Limits based on outcomes of comprehensive mixing study.
  • Quantitative Health Risk Assessment (QHRA)
  • Wastewater Effluent Monitoring Schedule, Wastewater Effluent Monitoring Report
  • Air Quality Monitoring Methodology and Air Quality Monitoring Report
  • Fishing Surveys including whitebait fishery and fin fishery in the Wairoa River.