Client: AFFCO NZ Limited

Industries: Meat Production

Services: Lead Environmental Consultant, Ecological Surveys, Assessment of Environmental Effects, Environmental Monitoring, Management Plans

AFFCO is one of New Zealand’s leading meat companies, processing and exporting more than 150,000 tonnes of quality beef and lamb products every year.  The company operates ten strategically located processing sites across the North Island of New Zealand, employing over 2,800 people nationwide.

Since 2007 AFFCO has engaged ARGO as Lead Environmental Consultant in relation to the Horotiu plant , located about 10 km north of Hamilton..

Our Role:

In 2014 ARGO commenced organising applications for a suite of replacement consents which were expiring in 2016. Investigations included pathogen monitoring, along with biological and water quality monitoring. ARGO organised AFFCO’s involvement at the 2015 hearing including managing specialist witnesses and evidence.

Replacement consents were granted in December 2015, and throughout 2016 ARGO prepared various Management Plans including:

  • Riparian Planting Management Plan
  • Stormwater Management Plans
  • Groundwater Management Plan
  • Environmental Monitoring Plans